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1. Seller – Boomini Joanna Kruszec seated in Michałowice, Bajkowa 6, CRO certificate 240723959, Tax ID nr PL9372282703

2. Customer – natural person who is at least 13 year old, although if the person is under age of 18 the permission of statutory representative's necessary. A customer is also legal entity or organization unit that is not a natural person and to which regulations state legal capacity.

3. on-line shop – website available at where a Customer can purchase goods from Seller

4. Goods – movable, presented in On-line Shop objects, that could be subject of sales contract

5. Register form – service available at Shop website in which the Customer fills in personal data, creates user account where Goods can be purchased.

6. Order form – service available at Shop website in which the Customer who did not register can purchase Goods.

7. Regulation – present On-line Shop Regulation


I. General condition

1. Boomini Joanna Kruszec seated in Michałowice, Bajkowa 6, CRO certificate 240723959, Tax ID nr PL9372282703

2. Present regulation states rules for drawing up an agreement between Seller and Customer by means of distance communication forms and Boomini on-line shop website for Customers, available at

3. In the scope of e-mail rendered services, hereby presented Regulation is a regulation referred to in Art. 8 from 18th July 2002 concerning rendering e-mail services (Dz. U, from 2002, No 144, pos 1204). Regulation is addresse to every on-line shop customer, who is obliged to comply with it. Sale process may take place only in accordance to presented regulations.

4. All information on the website referring to any goods (including prices) does not constitute commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 of Civil Code, only invitation to conclude agreement define in art. 71 of Civil Code.

5. Information concerning price on the website has binding character since Customer receives the e-mail as stated in provision III sec. 5 of Regulation. After making an order the price does not change regardless of change of prices in the Shop.

6. Pictures of Goods are placed on the website to present specific models.

7. Customers have right to purchase Goods on-line regardless of being registered by filling in the Registration form.

8. Order is possible on condition that the Customer submits precise personal data, including phone number and e-mail address.


II. Terms and conditions of On-line Shop

1. Customers may use the online shop only after familiarising themselves with present regulation and only after it's approbal. By placing an order the Customer accepts the Regulation.

2. Information given in Registration Form and Order Form, should be true and accurate.

3. Seller should make an effort to prevent all given data from gaining and modification by unauthorized person.

4. Customer is obliged to:

a) Make use of services in the way not causing any interference in On-line Shop functioning, especially by using software or devices b) Not to take actions aiming at entering secret data that are in possession of Seller

c) Make use of services according to law regulations of Poland

d) Make use of services offered by the Seller in inoffensive way for other Customers and Seller respecting their personal rights

e) Make use of any content on the On-line Shop only for personal purposes

5. Seller may deprive the Customer of right of making use of services, in case the Customer gives untrue data in Registration Form or in the Order Form or in case of infringement of duties labelled in point 4. Customer who has been deprived of rights of making use of services cannot register again without permission of Seller

6. Order is possible only in the event of availability in the storehouse of chosen Good by the Customer. Information about availability is on the subpage referring to specific Good. In the event of ineffective order resulting from inconsistency of information given on the website with the actual stock at hand, the Customer will be informed and will have the right to change the order in whole or in part. In the event of impossibility of making an order due to lack of chosen Good, the Seller may retract from an agreement in whole or in part and the order will be canceled. The Customer will receive information via e-mail. Payment made by Customer will be returned in 7 days from received information about impossibility of placing an order.


III. Placing an order

1. Orders of Goods available in On-line Shop are placed via Order Form available on the website

2. Placing an order via Order Form is possible round-the-clock, all weekdays. Orders placed on weekdays after 1 p.m. ,on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday will be processed no sooner than in the next workday. Deliveries are sent until 1 p.m.

3. In the event of Customer’s registration in the On-line Shop, placing an order happens after logging in on the website, adding Good to the basket and confirming the order. In the event of lack of registration, the way to place an order is to add Good to the basket, fil in the Order Form with all necessary data.

4. Confirming the order by Customer ( button “place your order”) constitutes Customer’s offer for Boomini according to Regulation.

5. After confirming and sending the order, Customer receives acknowledgment of acceptance via e-mail. After receiving above-mentioned acceptance agreement of sale is valid.

6. Customer has a right to resign from order before receiving an acceptance from Seller. Declaration of will of resigning from order should be sent to Seller via e-mail:

IV. Payment & prices

1. All prices available on the website of On-line Shop:

a) Are given in Euro

b) Contain VAT

c) Does not contain information about delivery costs

2. The price that is given in e-shop is binding till receiving the order's confirmation by the Customer

3. Customer has a right to select a payment method:

a) By cash, to a person acting on behalf of the carrier to whom the Seller entrusted the task of delivery of Good. ( to be paid on delivery)

b) By bank transfer before the delivery. In the event of selected method of payment by transfer – prepayment, the lack of payment confirmation onto Boomini within 2 day from placing an order will cause the cancellation of an order. Transfer should be made on Seller’s account:

Account Holder: Boomini 


Account number IBAN:PL 68 1140 2017 0000 4712 0140 2155 

4. Seller reserves the right to make changes in the prices of Goods, pursue and cancel promotions and sales or introduce any changes. Above mentioned authorization has no influence on Good’s prices in orders placed before the day of entering prices change, terms of promotion and sales.

5. On-line Shop promotions cannot be linked, unless the Regulation states so.


V. Order processing

1. After receiving the order confirmetion, order processing is started.

2. Order processing time is from 1 to 3 workdays and it depends on:

a) Selected method of payment – in the event of prepayment order processing succeed after booking on the Seller’s account payment for Good and delivery

b) Good’s availability;

  Time mentioned in the first point of presented section can be exceeded due to possible difficulties with order processing

3. Customer bear the costs of delivery, that is added to Good’s price

4. Products are delivered to given address on territory Poland via shipping company – Post or UPS. Time of delivery is 5-10 workday after the day of sending. Time of delivery may change in order to circumstances caused by shipping company on which Seller has no influence.

5. Customer while receiving the delivery should check its condition. In the event of damage of delivery, Customer should in courier’s presence write a damage report and send it immediately to the Seller.

6. Maximum time for order processing is 30 workdays. After this time Customer has the right to cancel the order by sending to Seller a declaration via e-mail.

7. Orders are processing according to the sequence containing the datye of placing the order until the stock-out

8. A receipt is enclosed to every order necessory data (VAT invoice or bill of sale). If the Orderer is VAT taxpayer and wants to receive an invoice, an e-mail should be sent immediately after purchase.


VI. The right to resign from agreement

1. Customer may resign from the agreement without any reason, by making a formal statement in writing within 21 days.

2. Above mentioned authorization may be accomplished by Customer by sending the declaration in writing on indicated address: Boomini, ul. S. Batorego 4/6, 31-135 Kraków

3. Definite time for sending the declaration is counted from the day, when Goods where delivered to Customer

4. In the event of resigning from agreement, it is considered to be unenclosed and the Customer is excused from any commitments. Goods has to be returned in unaffected condition, what means that if returned Goods will have any damage, soil or there will be lack of integral elements, the declaration of resigning from agreement will be ineffective.

5. Return refund should succeed no later than 14 days.

6. Returned Goods should be in packaging that will secure it from any damage during transport. Within bounds of possibility it should be packed in original packaging. Goods should be returned with complete supplies accessories and documents delivered while its sale on adres client get in e-mail.

7. Packaging and return delivery costs bear the Customer.


VII. Inconsistency Goods with Agreement. Complaints.


1. Seller is responsible for the inconsistency of Goods with Agreement in the scope indicated in statute from 27th July 2002 about specific terms of sale and about changes of Civil Code.

2. Any of the statements of presented Regulation does not limit the Customer’s

rights that entitled according to the law of Poland.

3. In the event of statement that delivered Good is not accurate with the Agreement, the Customer has a right to lodge a written complaint. The complaint should be lodged within 2 months from the day when the Customer noticed inaccuracy of Good with the Agreement, but no later than within 2 years from delivery.

4. The cause of complaint may especially be delivery of different Goods than ordered, inappropriate completion of order or delivery of inappropriate number of Goods.

5. In the event of making use of this right, the Complaint Form should be fill in and send together with Goods and proof of purchase.

6. Seller reserves the right to 14 days to investigate the complaint since receiving the Goods from the Customer. Customer will be informed about any actions.

7. In the event of investigation of complaint with the benefit for the Customer, there is a possibility of exchangeing the complaint Goods for another or return of payment on account indicated by Customer. The return is realized within 14 days since complaint investigation.

8. Customer bears the costs of delivery of complaint Goods. Shop does not accept any packages to be paid on delivery.


VIII. Final provisions


 1. Officially recognizing the resolutions of Online Shop Regulations in accordance with law as invalid or inefficient , does not determine the validity or efficiency of other resolutions. The invalid resolution will be replaced by the rule that is strictly connected with the aims of this resolution and the whole Online Shop Regulations.

2. Seller reserves the right to make changes in the present Online Shop Regulations at will. Changes in Regulations shall become effective the moment they are indicated and placed at In case of already registered Customers, they will be obliged to regard new Online Shop Regulations. 3. Current Online Shop Regulations are available at

4. The Seller is not responsible for blocking mail servers by administrators for sending e – mails on the Customer’s e – mail address as well as deleting and blocking incoming e – mails by the software installed on the Customer’s computer.

5. The Seller is not responsible for the transactions made by third party – people who got the access to Customer’s account as a result of Customer’s disregard of precaution rules when using his/ her account’s login and password.

6. Online Shop Regulations shall become effective as of the date of 01.05.2015.


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