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Cookies policy
1. On our online store, like other entities, we use so-called cookies, i.e. short text information, saved on a computer, phone, tablet or other user device. They can be read by our system, as well as by systems belonging to other entities, which services we use (eg Facebook, Google).
2. Cookies meet a lot of functions on the online store, most often useful, which we will try to describe below (if the information is insufficient, please contact us)
  • → providing security - cookies are used to authenticate users and prevent unauthorized use of the client's panel. They are therefore used to protect the user's personal data against unauthorized access;
  • → impact on the processes and efficiency of using the online store - cookies are used to ensure that the website works efficiently and that you can use the features available on it, which is possible, inter alia, by remembering the settings between subsequent visits to the store. Thanks to them, you can efficiently navigate the online store and individual subpages;
  • → session status - cookies often contain information about how visitors use the online store, for example which products, exhibitions and news are most often displayed. They also enable identification of errors displayed on some subpages. Cookies used to save the so-called "Session state" therefore help to improve the services and increase the comfort of browsing the online store;
  • → creating statistics - cookies are used to analyze how users use the online store (how many open the online store, how long it stays on it, which content arouses the most interest, etc.). Thanks to this, you can constantly improve the online store and adapt its operation to the preferences of users. In order to track activity and create statistics, we use Google tools, such as Google Analytics; in addition to reporting website usage statistics, the Google Analytics pixel can also serve, along with some of the cookies described above, to help display more relevant content to the user on Google services (e.g. Google search engine) and across the entire web;
3. Importantly, many cookies are for us anonymized - no additional information, based on them we are unable to identify your identity.
4. Your internet browser allows for the use of cookies in your device by default, therefore, at the first visit, please agree to the use of cookies. However, if you do not wish to use cookies while browsing the online store, you can change the settings in your web browser - completely block the automatic support of cookies or request notification whenever you post cookies on your device. Settings can be changed at any time.
5. While respecting the autonomy of all people using the online store, we feel, however, that we must notify you that disabling or limiting the use of cookies may cause quite serious difficulties in using the online store, such as a longer loading period, restrictions on the use of functionality.